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Jan 14: All About Blood Sugar Regulation and the Fallacy of the High Protein Approach

This is a Lecture/Video and Vegan Buffet series hosted by Bayarea EarthSave.
Please follow the above link for details.

Jan 6: Stop Trying So Hard

Come discover and experience PSYCH-K, an accelerated change process that brings our subconscious beliefs into alignment with our consciously identified intentions, goals and values.
Speaker: PSYCH-K Practitioner Elchanan
Free lecture 7:15-9:00pm PM.

Three-course Dinner($15) starts at 6:30 PM
Soup: Curried Kale/Carrot Soup with Walnut bread
Entree Salad: Chinese bean sprout and cabbage Sesame Salad
Dessert: Raw banana ice cream
Dinner reservation recommended: RSVP@thebayleafcafe.com or call 650-321-7466

Dec 10, 2002: The Simplicity of Health

Join us for a fascinating evening with Dr. Timothy Trader, a leader in the field of raw and living-food nutrition. You will come away with the conviction that YOU can create your radiant health, rather than spend your life warding off "inevitable" aging and disease. Be sure to also stay and listen to his talk about effects of certain medical drugs and how they may help you. Such as Soma that relieves pain and more.
Free lecture starts at 7:30 PM.
Living-food dinner at 6:45 PM.
Talk on Medicine and benefits at 8:00 PM.

Nov 2, 2002: Grand Opening

To kick off our grand opening, Dave Blume, an extremely accomplished proponent of sustainable living and organic growing, will discuss 'Why Everyone Needs to Eat Organically'.